Welcome to Bubble Craftland. We selling a handmade tote bag. We hope you enjoy with it and dont forget to buy it ,Phee, got any question to ask, feel free to email us at



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Welcome to Bubble Craftland Blog, a crafting website focusing on handmade crafts and uniting artists across the world.

With the advent of the Internet we have the ability to traverse any number of websites and discover unique, handmade crafts. Never before have artisans and craftsman been able to impact such a large number of people with their visions. I think this is a beautiful thing, but it also has a downside. There is a certain amount of intimacy that is lost in a nameless, faceless, practically anonymous web transaction, and often it’s hard to keep sight of the heart of the artist behind the work.

According to String Theory, love is the strongest vibration we have access to as human beings. But no matter what your beliefs, we can all agree that there is never such a thing as too much love. We want to bring the heart back to handmade crafts. We want each and every person that takes pride in creating and buying handmade crafts to have the same feeling we had as a child at our local craft fair. We want this site to be a place where anyone interested in handmade crafts can find help, information, products, and have a voice. We want handmade crafters to be able to connect both virtually and locally, and We want to bring a face to the online crafting marketplace.

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